Pursuant to the following terms and conditions, the rights, obligations, and liabilities of MTÜ ÕPITUBA (registry code 80285850) as the operator of the Muhu Adventure Park (hereinafter Adventure Park) and of the client of the Adventure Park, regarding the application of attractions (hereinafter also Adventure Trails) in the Adventure Park by the client, are as specified below.
1 Visitors use the adventure elements (hereinafter the Adventure Trail) in Muhu Adventure Park (hereinafter the Adventure Park) and pass the Adventure Trail on their own responsibility.
2 Before going to the Adventure Trail the visitor shall receive the instructions for passing the Adventure Trail and the safety equipment. Visitors have to take into consideration that while using attractions, they may damage their clothes. They must also acknowledge the inherent risks and hazards of the attractions to their life and health, in case they do not obey the safety requirements and operation regulations set by present terms and conditions, as well as the instructions given by the staff of MTÜ ÕPITUBA (hereinafter also Adventure Park Instructor).
3 The minimum height of a person eligible to take the Red and Black Trails unaided/independently must be 140 cm. Adventure Trails located in the children’s area (except Trail 1) are suitable for children whose minimum height is 120 cm.
4 The client must be aware of and acknowledge that in case s/he has ordered an Adventure Park Instructor-accompanied passing of a trail, the instructor is only a supervisor. Use of the Attraction Park elements with a separate/non-Adventure Park instructor shall be Client’s own responsibility.
5 The adult shall be responsible for the safety of the accompanying minors/children while visiting the Adventure Park.
6 Persons under the age of 15 years are allowed to use Adventure Trails only under supervision of a responsible adult who undertakes to ensure their safety and to observe that the minors follow all operation and safety regulations as well as the instructor’s orders and instructions.
7 Before going on an Adventure Trail, the Client must make sure that the Adventure trail chosen suits his/her physical capability, health, and skills.
8 The Client is obliged to use the Adventure Trail and handle the security equipment carefully, without damaging them. The Client must recover the full damages caused to the Adventure Trail or safety equipment caused due to the Client’s reckless or intentional behaviour.
9 MTÜ ÕPITUBA will not be responsible for any loss or damage of clothes or other personal property.
10 All persons wishing to take an Adventure Trail must pay for admission according to the valid price list. When the time limit indicated in the price list is over, visitors must immediately return their security equipment to the Adventure Park Instructor.
11 While on a trail, visitors must comply with the Adventure Park operational requirements and safety regulations, as well as the instructions and orders given by the Adventure Park Instructors; obey the instructions given on information boards, labels, and other designations on the Adventure Trail.
12 Under extreme weather conditions, or in case of nausea or other health issues, due to which being on a trail may prove dangerous, the visitor is supposed to leave the Adventure Trail immediately.
13 The Adventure Park staff shall have the right to ask the visitor to interrupt the activity on the trail, if the situation becomes unsafe, if the visitor violates the regulations, conditions or term; or if according to the Adventure Park staff, taking the trail has become unsafe.
14.1 Taking the trail without instruction and without using safety equipment is strictly prohibited.
14.2 It is prohibited to use an Adventure Trail without safety equipment connected to the lifeline/cable/. This is hazardous to one’s health and life.
14.3 Going on an Adventure Trail under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
14.4 Consumption of narcotic or psychotropic substances or alcohol is strictly prohibited in the territory of the Adventure Park.
14.5 Smoking and making a fire is prohibited, if there are no places designated for that.
14.5 Security equipment is meant to be used by one individual; sharing security equipment, or handing it over to another visitor is prohibited.
15 Admission fee paid to MTÜ ÕPITUBA will be refunded to the client only in case the use of the Adventure Trails is not possible by the fault of MTÜ ÕPITUBA. Under circumstances stated in clauses 12 and 13 admission fee will not be refunded.
16 MTÜ ÕPITUBA shall keep confidential any sensitive information regarding its clients that its staff has become aware of and will communicate it only with the consent of the client, unless the right and obligation of information disclosure is deemed necessary pursuant to law, or if the right is granted under this agreement.
17 By signing the Terms and Conditions the client consents to grant MTÜ ÕPITUBA the right to process the client data and their use in the framework of the provision of Adventure Park services.
18. The above Terms and Conditions are applicable to all clients using Adventure Trails.
By singing this document, the client confirms that s/he has read, is aware of, has fully understood, and shall comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Adventure Park.
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